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 Sustainability and being an ethical wedding supplier is at the heart of what we aim to be as a small business

Being electrically powered  our cars are already Zero emissions while travelling on wedding duty. 

But we have gone much further  in our quest to be the UK's leading  sustainable wedding car company.


Solar Power is a very convenient way to charge an electric vehicle and we have a system in place that tops up the batteries on sunny days 

- but that's not really large enough to keep our growing fleet of EV's going nowadays. So we bought a Power Station !!


We have invested into the UK's First and largest  Solar Energy Co-Op project run by Ripple Energy who already run a number of similar wind power project

This is a 74 Mega Watt Solar Farm at Derril Water in Devon -  with more than 70,000 solar panels it should produce sufficient clean energy to power 14,000 homes ( we only own a small bit of it being a Co-op and are part of more than 8,000 investors in this Grid scale energy project.) This is currently entering construction and due to be online and supplying clean green electricity by late summer 2024.

You can read more about this ground breaking project  Here


Our efforts to be green don't stop there and we recycle as much as we can, whenever we can from office paper to the glass bottles 

and plastics we use even reducing water use when we clean down the cars is a consideration.

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